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Catégorie 'Développement nectarine'
Photo 3. fleurs - début du printemps
  • Photo 3. fleurs - début du printemps
    Photo 3. fleurs - début du printemps [431x305]

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    Photo3. fleurs - début du printemps

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    Photo: 3. fleurs - début du printemps

    Mots-clés: 3. fleurs - début du printemps, Fruit, évolution, nectarine,

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    1. Bud formation can be observed on new growth on the plant (early winter)
    2. Flower buds clearly formed and leaves start to develop (early spring, ? 3 months)
    3. Flowers fully develop and are pollinated by wind or insects (early spring, ? 3½ months)
    4. If successfully pollinated, flowers die back and incipient fruit can be observed; leaves have quickly grown to provide tree with food and energy from photosynthesis (mid-spring, ? 4 months)
    5. Fruit is well developed and continues to grow (late spring, ? 5½ months)
    6. Fruit fully ripens to an edible form to encourage spreading of seed contained within by animals (midsummer, ? 7½ months)

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    3. fleurs - début du printemps